Tomorrowland – Why it’s a Drastically Underrated Film

All Things Strange and Unusual


There was as much confusion as hype over the recent George Clooney movie, Tomorrowland.

We saw the previews and asked: “What on Earth do we expect for this film?” It appeared to reek of Disney and read like a kids’ film – the very name seemed to be designed to appeal to small children with no sense of subtlety. Yet the trailers also promised violence, suspense, and an apocalyptic dystopia scenario.

So what on Earth were we to make of this?

This same marketing problem has plagued several of my favorite films – unfortunately it is a malady that often strikes truly original pieces, those that dare to portray radically new concepts or use unique combinations of styles. Audiences don’t know what to expect it to be, so they simply don’t go see it.

Well, let me tell you what to expect. It’s definitely worth seeing this movie.Tomorrowland2

It’s difficult to…

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